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WHY 1983

"huh. These sunglasses are actually really nice." - most common feedback.

How do you trust a brand you've never heard of?

As a new company (launched in 2019 kinda new), gaining trust is no easy task or one to be taken lightly. It takes time and personal connection.

So why choose 1983?  

I started this solo company (yup, 1983 is that small) for you the nomad at heart. You need fewer, better things. You don't need the latest trends, you do need items that endure both in wear and in style. You need to be able to pack lightly and for what you pack to perform well. 

Practical, but make it stylish.

After a 2 month traveling stint, this is what I was craving. Well made items that hit my functional needs, but that I still felt good (and good looking) in. 

So I made these for you.

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