Why You Should Use A Bandana For Furoshiki Wrapping

As an oversimplification, furoshiki is a Japanese method of wrapping items (gifts, groceries, etc.) in a cloth. This method combines aesthetics and zero waste resulting in the dream combo for gift giving. There are many methods to the wrapping and cloths made for the purpose of furoshiki ripe for your purchasing. But let me argue for the use of the bandana.

bandana used as gift wrap

As a practical accessory, the bandana is a top ranker. But presenting a bandana as a gift, even ones this good, is quite ho hum. Turning the bandana into both the gift and the furoshiki, well now we're talking. Wrap a stack of novels for the traveler that still loves paper. Or make the gift of homemade bread way more aesthetically pleasing (c'mon were you really going to present it in those disposable tins). My suggestion is to include a note on all the ways to use a bandana to both personalize the gift further and to help ensure the bandana doesn't just end up in the bottom of a sock drawer.