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Why Acetate Material

All of our frames are made of acetate material, like most all premium and designer frames. But why? What's so great about this material and isn't it just plastic?

Acetate is a plastic, but the base is cellulose instead of petroleum. The use of cellulose, which is a renewable resource, gives this type of plastic some key advantages. Acetate is a stronger, more durable material than cheaper, petroleum based plastic which is why the pricier sunglasses don't snap so easily as the cheapo gas station sunglasses do. Acetate is also lightweight and hypoallergenic - hello comfort. Another benefit is flexibility. This allows for the use of heat to bend and reshape the frames as needed, great for getting just the right fit for your head.

Acetate in its "raw" form is pressed sheets that are then cut into the frame shape instead of injection molded (most plastic items are injection molded). The range of color and transparency of acetate is fantastic for designers as you can pretty much get whatever you (and the consumer) want.

tortoise shell sunglasses polarized lenses with custom case from 1983 eyewear

So why did I choose to have 1983's frames made of acetate as opposed to bamboo or metal? The two big factors for me are comfort and appearance. I tested different materials out on trail runs and hikes as I wanted frames that would feel good on my skin and nose bridge and not itch, bounce around too much, or just irritate me. I also wanted the vanity factor, because I prefer buying something once and getting maximum, multi use out of it.

Acetate was able to check all of these boxes, except for being the top, utmost earth friendly. That is something I believe will take time to develop. For now I believe in being a conscious consumer and buying less, buying only what you need and when you need it. Not just buying for the sake of buying. 

My desire is that 1983's sunglasses last for many years, through many adventure travels and make you feel good every time you put them on.

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