The Ritual of the French Press

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The daily activity of making coffee is a beautiful ritual to perform that can create a sense of stability before the caffeine hits. Here's our realistic ritual that leaves open space for magic and the miracle of coffee.
This ritual is best performed every morning upon waking.
Boil water. Just fill the kettle and turn on the stove - exact water measurement is too obsessive and time consuming.
Clean out French Press from yesterday’s brew. Remember grounds in the bin, not in the sink.
Pour some whole beans in the grinder. Grind. Maybe grind some more. Pour the ground coffee into the clean French Press. Eye ball it to about there.
Add the boiling water to the French Press to the almost top. Put the plunger in and descend it halfway. Let it steep while you perform another task. A personal favorite of mine is zoning out. Steep time is relative. There needs to be an element of surprise and magic that the coffee turns out decent, this is why it is important not to measure anything.
Plunge the rest of the way and pour into the same mug everyday.
Check that you turned off the stove.